Vitamin C + E Complex


The vitamin C+E complex is a treatment formula adapted to all skin types. The vitamin C-E complex provides the essential elements for the skin. This is how it improves the appearance of its imperfections caused by exposure to the sun, environmental aggressions and aging.


Excellent formula to counter the aging caused by the sun

The vitamin C-E complex is a non-greasy formula that adapts well to all our moisturizing products. It is always preferable, in our routine care, to have an antioxidant. Antioxidants protect the skin against attacks of free radicals, oxidation and the consequences of oxidative stress. Daily use of the complex will help keep your skin healthy. Exposure to the sun causes a lot of damage, which is why it is essential to use antioxidants to counteract the harmful effects. Vitamin C-E can be used under a sunscreen or moisturizer. Use is advised in the morning for beneficial effects on free radicals.


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