Serum HA5


Serum HA5 is a daily smoothing product that complements dermal filling treatments (injections). It treats deep wrinkles. The HA5 contains hyaluronic acid which has the function of retaining natural hydration. This is how you will find your skin healthy, resistant and supple. The serum works well with other products, and spreads easily. Serum HA5 is ideal for all types of skin.



This HA5 serum supports healthy looking skin with continuous use. It also improves the appearance of the texture and roughness of the skin. You will feel an immediate hydration. It is composed of 5 forms of hyaluronic acid. It also includes peptide complexes, Vitis flower stem cell extract as well as thermal plankton. What makes this care an unavoidable immediate care. The HA5 has a duration as long as 8-12 hours of comfort and smoothing effect.


Results after 8 weeks:

Sérum HA5


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